The Hip Hop Intellectuals –

The Hip Hop Intellectuals Alice Tour - March 2009
The Hip Hop Intellectuals Alice Tour - March 2009

Well first things first, no offence to any of the South African emcees who may be reading this note, but in the past 2 years that I’ve been back from Zim, I havent really come across any mind blowing emcees if you know what I mean… in zim the likes of Outspoken, Alka-Nemo, Upmost, Munetsi, Anonymis, Elsewhere and so many other brothas got a sister wanting to quit the rap game coz they so ill….

Now when I started scouting around for tyt SA Hip Hop the same names kept recurring… HHP, Pro-kid and Proverb… the other cats were just doin sum yabberin that I couldnt respect… NO OFFENCE…

Obviously there are those rappers who I had never heard of or met, so I left it as one of my future aspirations to one day hear relativley unknown SA rappers who really holds it in the hip hop community even if they not making R30 000 a show yet.

Well this weekend my prayer was answered.. I met up with some of…sorry, let me rephrase…. I met up with… Mzanzis hottest emcees as we all went on tour together as the Hip Hop Intellectuals…..

Rashid, Reason, The Renegade(we only hooked up with him in Alice tho), Black Bird, Relic, Mathamatix, K-Method and Hoodlum were brought together by fate or destiny.. heavens knows what.. either way from Thursday 12 March 2009 South Africa’s Hip Hop game just got itself into big trouble…

And Boy oh boy did the intellectualism not start all the way from freakin Park Station….
When we was about to leave some cat called and claimed he picked up my stolen ID, passport etc from my purse which had been stolen from me at Park Station the day before. When the dude came meet up with me I was with some of the boys and when he demanded sum cash in exhange for my stuff….. the boys gladly put together their cheddah to pay for a sistas ish… That gesture immediately impressed me and I could tell that the cats I was gonna be spending the weekend with, definately had something inside their skulls…

Then when we got on the bus all brians broke loose and a multitude of political, economomic and religious theories were discussed… Anyone who is into conspiracy theories should been riding with us to the Eastern Cape coz it was lyk Whoooooaaa… I thought that me and my Konexus Records cats back in Zim are the only one who hacve such crazy thoughts…. I guess the conscious movement is growing and a lot of young people are seekers of knowledge….

When we got to the University of Fort Hare, our tour organizer Brian Mokoena was there to recieve us with open arms… And for the rest of the trip Mr Giga-byt himself did everything in his power to keep us as comfortable and as happy as possible….. Big Up to for making this happen…..

The two days I spent with these dudes was memorable in every sense of the word… Memorable coz the radio interviews, the heated debates and the on stage performances were CRAZY…….
But even more so memorable was the fact that I was have been part of such a ground-breaking event.. to be part of such an important hip hop movement…

Trust me when I say that SA Hip Hop is gonna change drastically if the people who are part of this Hip Hop family keep doing what they are doing like they doing it for TV…. nice job boys!!!!!!!!

As agreed upon a facebook group for The Hip Hop Intellectuals has being formed so be sure to join and invite all your friends to do the same. Oh and don’t get it twisted.. we not called the intellectuals coz we think we know it all… nah.. we are on the search for knowledge and wisdom… knowledge which when utilized correctly can emancipate the African mind and spirit……

Campus to Campus we gon spread the word thru this hip hop thang……

P.S… The MC for the Fort Hare Uni show wasnt too bad himself…. Blaq sho knows how to get downnnnnnn…

2 ALL U HEADS OUT THERE WATCH THIS [                                                                                                  ]

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…….


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