Who Is BB?


Want to hear the summary of my life thus far……????? Scroll down to find out more about Black Bird’s personal life………………………..

Tha Rappetizer
The Rap Empress

I am the last born in a family of four. My father is South African and went into exile during the 70’s and ended up in Zambia where he met and married my mother, an intelligent and beautiful Kaonde woman from the village of Solwezi. After Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 the couple left Zambia with their 3 children and decided to settle in Harare, where I was born in 1983. However shortly after Mandela was released in 1991 my parents broke up and we moved with ym dad back to South Africa. My mother passed away in 1995 and since then my life has been filled with one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another. After my her passing in Zimbabwe, I stayed in the Harare Children’s Home for two years. The last place I ever imagined I would be in was in an orphanage… and now there I was…….staying at a state run children’s home.

That was probably one of my most intense identity moulding periods ever. Now as I look back I am so glad to have gone through such a humbling experience. The care and facilities offered at the Harare Children’s Home were of the standard that is deserving of any child. I also made many invaluable friendships which will last till the grave and beyond… my “homies” aren’t my friends they are my sisters……

Well now the year is 2010 and Black Bird, who turns 26 years old, is the proud mother of two beautiful little girls, Minana who is almost 4 years old and Nia who is nearly 2 years old. These empresses are undoubtedly the finest sistas I’ve ever laid my eyes on……Unfortunately my marriage to the father of my children didn’t work out and now I’m a lone ranger. Being a single mom of 2 is tough when you’re as young as I am, but God would have never given me this load if He knew I couldn’t carry it. It gets lonely, frightening and exhausting to be both  mom and dad, but I’m 100 % certain that all the sweat, blood and tears are definately worth it……

I’m inspired by women from various fields and it these icons that give me the desire to excel. My main inspiration is my late mother who was a mother of 4, a full-time employee at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, and also a part-time student who continued to further her studies in the  banking industry despite her already jam-packed life. I am also really inspired by Oprah Winfrey who rose out of a poverty-stricken background to conquer a male dominated industry, making herself the world’s most valuable female brand withiin the entertainment industry.

When I completed high school at Wendywood High in Sandton, Johannesburg,  I decided to study my other passion, film. While studying for my qualifications in film-making and broadcasting I did courses in script-writing, journalism, prefessional make-up and TV and radio broadcasting to name a few. I believe that music and film are two arts that go hand in hand… hence the term audio-visual….. It was for this reason that I studied film whilst continuing to rap and be involved in the music business.

My first musical composition was at age 7 and for weeks on end I tormented people with my hit ballad “Are You Lost Girly” Growing up in Harare exposed me to a lot of hip hop music and by the time I was 10years old I was starting to imitate my favourite rappers.

By the time I was 15 it was obvious that I would have a career in music. I was doing rap performances at fashion shows, talent search competitions, school and church camps and concerts etc. I received an excellent reception everywhere I went and that’s when I realized that I can actually go somewhere with the rap business…..


7 thoughts on “Who Is BB?

  1. Black Bird, going through your write up, I’m quite impressed by your zeal to carve an identity for yourself. Challenges in life are meant to mould us and make us reach inside to find the true essence of who we are. You braved the odds and already you are an inspiration to many people. We often ask “why me” when things happen to us rather than “what am I supposed to learn from this” , sister I applaud your laudable efforts and the outstanding legacy you already bequeathing to your daughters.

    You have chosen the road less travelled and have made your mark. Need I say more?.
    I’m proud of you, keep it up

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